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Priest in Charge

Fr. Graham Bott SSC

Church Cottage, Maker Lane, Hoar Cross DE13 8RB

Telephone 01283 576058

email graham.pbott@btopenworld.com



Church Warden

Peter Humpidge

Church View, Abbots Bromley Rd Hoar Cross DE13 8RB

Telephone 01283 575460

e mail peter@humpidge.co.uk



Church Warden

Gay Richardson

Fox Hollow Barn, Thorney Lane, Hoar Cross DE13 8QT

Telephone 01283 575307




Enquiries about the following Services should be made to the Priest in Charge or a Church Warden    


Baptism is a sacrement instituted by Jesus Christ by which people enter the Christian Church and through which the sins of mankind are removed, so starting on the road to sharing in the life of God himself. It is only administered once in a person's lifetime but may be performed at any age. For many centuries, in our country, baptisms have been conferred on babies or very young children. In recent time many people have been adults before they have been baptised.

When a baby or young child is baptised, the Church asks parents and Godparents to make certain promises on behalf of the child. They also promise to see that the childi is brought up in the Christian faith. By being baptised, a child is entering into membership of the Church and so the Church is keen that they are given every help in their lives as Christians. Parents and Godparents are required to attend a preparation session with the priest in charge prior to the baptism.

When an older child or adult is baptised there will usually be several preparation sessions before the actual baptism. Here they will learn about, and be given the opportunity to discuss the Christian faith. They will make the promises for themselves an will usually be Confirmed in the same service as they are baptised.

Here at Holy Angels, baptism is usually conferred during the Sunday Mass. On some occasions it may be more appropriate that the baptism takes place at another time, in consulation witht he Priest in Charge.


Confirmation is the second stage of Christian initiation and completes the action of God began in baptism. In our parish, confirmation is generally administed by the Bishop at any time after the age of eight years. As with baptism, it can be administered at any age but may only be administered once to each person. A short course on the main teachings of the Christian faith will be taken before confirmation. Confrimation is the 'ordination' of the candidate into the 'order' of the laity, the laos, or 'people of God''.

Once confirmed, the Christian takes his or her place within the worshipping life of the Church. The main part of this is to recive Holy Communion, which is the spiritual food give us for our life's journey towards him.


At Holy Angels, we are always ready to help men and women join together in mariage, to enable them to mark this most important of life's events in a suitable and celebratory fashion. We welcome all people who are legally entitled to marry in our church, whether or not they are members of the church community. Although attendance at church is not always a requirement for marriage, you will be made very welcome if you should decide to come along!

We do our very best to help you make your special day truly memorable and very special. Althought there are certain legal requirements in a wedding service, we do our best to help customize your wedding to make it a truly person event.

Any couple considering marriage should, in the first instance, contact the Priest in Charge directly. Most people are married under a simple device known as 'Banns', which means that a Licence is not required. The Priest in Charge will be happy to discuss this with you and guide you through the legal processes. Once ypur elegability to be married at Holy Angels has been established, couples will need to fill in and return an application form, together with the appropriate fee for reading the banns.


The death of a loved one is always a time for sorrow and grief. This is entirely natural and it is right that we can express our sadness in such a separation, especially if the circiumstances have been tragic or the deceased has been relatively young., A funeral allows us to say goodbye, to expres our sorrow in a public manner and also to share memories and express thanks for the life of the person we have loved. In a Christian context, a funeral allows us the opportunity to commend the departed person to the care of our loving Father. The resurrection of Jesus Christ shows us that it is life, not death, which has the last word. We can therefore pray for our dead, trusting in God for their wellbeing and having hope that we will be re-united with them in God's heavenly kingdom..

In the event of a family death, your funeral director will contact the parish priest and he will arrange to meet and discuss the details of the funeral. Having a funeral service in church prior to a committal at a crematorium or cemetery often provides greater opportunitiy to celebrate a person's life without the time constraints understandably imposed by crematia. The priest is also here to provide pastoral care in these difficult times and will always be available to listen, to pray and to provide support for the bereaved.

When someone iin the parish is dying, the priest in charge can be contacted in order that he may be available to pray with the person and the family, to bring the sacrment to the dying person and to be of whatever support he can be.

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