Hoar Cross, Staffordshire. England DE13 8QR
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There are six bells at Holy Angels. They are some of the heaviest bells in the country. A new set of bells was installed on completion of the church in 1875, hung on wooden frames. They were re-hung in 1935 by John Taylor & Co. of Loughborough in metal frames. At the same time, the four largest were retuned and the two trebles recast. The frames, fittings and ringing room were restored in 2011 to bring this showcase ring back into first class order.

Visiting ringers are welcome to come and ring by appointment and are invited to make a contribution of £10.00. Contact Derek Giddins - derekgiddins27@aol.com

Bell 1 St.Orifel weight 8-2-12 note Bb

Bell 2 St. Anael weight 10-3-1 note Ab

Bell 3 St. Uriel weight 13-0-12 note Gb

Bell 4 St. Raphael weight 15-1-27 note F

Bell 5 St. Michael weight 20-1-10 note Eb

Bell 6 St. Gabriel weight 28-1-17 note Db




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